WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The heat of the summer is officially in full force and the fun is in full swing! For college students, however, the weekends often involve more than just having fun. Even during the summer, college students are constantly moving and doing a million different things like going to work, hanging out with friends, running necessary errands, making trips back home or even going on a few dates. When picking out an outfit for the weekend, it is always necessary to think about the different activities you could be doing and what kind of look would be functional, but still stylish, for all of them. You want your weekend wear to work for all of the events on the jam-packed schedule that, as a student you have grown to love so much.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble displays exactly what great weekend wear should be. The button-down shirt in the abstract floral print is fun and eye-catching which every weekend look needs a piece that stands out and gets people’s attention. The black five panel hat adds to the cool factor of the look while toning down the more dressy shirt and making the overall vibe more casual and weekend appropriate. The slim fit khaki pants are the perfect neutral bottom to go with the other exciting elements of this outfit. Khaki pants are awesome for weekend wear because they go with practically everything and can easily transition from one activity to the next. They are casual, but not as casual as jeans and are also not too dressy, making them extremely versatile. The black Converse shoes complete the look by adding some quirky edge and tying in the black hat, not to mention they are extremely comfortable which means they are perfect for all of this Fashionisto’s weekend plans, whatever they may be!

One Simple Change: If it’s Saturday and you realize you want to wear this outfit to your summer classes on Monday, try changing the khaki pants to some shorts in a neutral color. The shorts will feel a lot better when walking to and from class in the blazing summer heat!