WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The perfect outfit for any weekend outing is one that is comfortable yet very stylish. Well, that is the goal for almost any outfit, isn’t it? These two qualities are especially important for summer weekend wear during which you might spend time at the Boat House in Forest Park, grab brunch with friends, explore the town or maybe spend your entire day watching full seasons of Modern Family on Hulu Plus in your living room (guilty as charged). At any rate, this Fashionista is rocking the perfect outfit for almost any weekend activity she might stumble upon.

In a city like Saint Louis, it is difficult to fully commit to a seasonal wardrobe because the weather here can change in a split second. The most a girl can do in this transitional time between spring and summer is create a stylish look composed of versatile pieces. With this in mind, this Fashionista created a look that could adapt in any weather change.

I, personally, love any item of clothing that is slouchy or flowy and just generally seems comfortable, so this semi-cropped, white top immediately caught my eye! It allows for comfort without sacrificing style! Unfortunately, it is really tough to wear two unstructured pieces without looking slightly homeless (unless you are an Olsen twin and can pull off the homeless look) so pairing the white top with a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans was a perfect choice. These pants can not only keep our Fashionista’s legs warm in a potential temperature drop, but they also balance out the unstructured top perfectly. Also, these pants, specifically, are also perfect for the summer because of the high cut on the ankle; they are long enough to keep a girl covered, but short enough to show off adorable footwear! Speaking of footwear, this Fashionista completed her look with a pair of black Tory Burch Sandals which are ideal for dressing up an outfit. Great job, girlfriend!

One Simple Change: With a few changes, this look can go from day to night. Throw on a cute statement necklace, a cross-body bucket bag, and a pair of nude wedges before going out for a night on the town with your girls!