WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As the weekend gets closer, the work clothes go back in the closet and the cute outfits for the weekend come out. I usually use the days off to run errands, relax or make plans with my gal pals and enjoy planning my weekend outfits in advance, as any good shopaholic does. I probably put as much thought into my outfits as I do my plans for that weekend. While browsing shops and strolling with my friend, I ran into this Fashionista. Her outfit reflected some of this summer’s best trends and definitely had a fun, weekend vibe to it. Not only was she fashionable, but her outfit seemed extremely comfortable as well. She definitely looked weekend-ready.

This Fashionista was wearing flowy, patterned shorts and had tucked a white blouse into them. The print on the shorts remained the statement part of the outfit and the rest balanced out nicely. In addition to her top, she kept the accessories light with cute jelly flats (hands up if you love jellies as much as I do), a watch and blue bauble necklace. For a weekend-ready outfit, stick to loose shorts and simple pairings. Prints will make any outfit stand out and look great when paired with coordinating, bright accessories. In addition, try to keep your shoes comfortable; you can venture into wedge territory if you don’t have much walking planned, but keep the material cotton and light. The shoes should stay casual for the daytime. This type of outfit translates well into the evening too.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from weekend wear to a night out, try switching out the top. A darker top with cutouts or an interesting silhouette can easily pair with the patterned shorts for a more dressy look (stick with solid colors though).