WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

On a beautiful Saturday, the high line in New York City was filled with tourists traveling wide and far to see old rail road tracks covered with greenery and a beautiful scenery that overlooks the ocean. Beautiful as it was, the humidity left no sympathy and the sun shined brighter within each second. In this heat, one thought that came to mind was what would a New York native wear. I met with an up-and-coming model and old friend and as expected, she went Vogue. Being in front of the camera came naturally to this week’s Fashionista. The LIM Fashion Merchandising student, previous American Apparel employee and now Topshop personal shopping assistant, she may or may not know a thing or two about fashion.

Even though pink has never been her hue, she is warming up to it and decided to toughened up her sparkly pink Topshop crop top with leather athletic shorts. Yup, I said it, leather, faux leather to be exact. One would think, why would someone wear leather, excuse me, faux leather in this scorching flaming fury we call summer? The answer is simple. This Fashionista paired her leather shorts with a breathable crop top, key word being breathable. Having a bullet proof airy and breathable top makes up for the possible sticky situation downstairs. And if you haven’t heard, beauty is pain and fashion is worth the misery of pain. An over exaggeration? Yes. Have I made up this quote on the spot? Yes.

This Fashionista’s look is a perfect outfit for weekend wear and touristy adventures because it combines both comfort and street style all in one look. For a New York native who wants to explore her own city, she chooses to play both against and for the New York City weather by combining leather shorts and a breathable crop top.

One Simple Change: If you plan to rock your socks off to your favorite singer Rihanna, pack on some extra layers like an open baseball jersey. You never know what to expect with this bipolar NYC weather! That way, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: the summer’s heat over the weekend and the summer’s breeze during a concert.