WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Usually, June is the beginning of the hot summer months and weekends having fun in the sun, but oddly enough, the weather in New York has been very on and off. I find myself bundled up in a sweater in the morning and then wondering why I needed it in the first place at 1 p.m. because the temperature has skyrocketed! It is a little too early for the beach, but it is too nice out to waste the day inside catching up on your Netflix. Lately, I feel like I’ve been faced with the difficult question of “what am I supposed to wear?”

Why not take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and mix a simple tank top with a printed open button-down? If the weather is on the cooler side, you can button up and stay warm. However, if it’s on the warmer side you can leave the shirt open, or even take it off and tie it around your waist! Not to mention, doesn’t her shirt just look like she is ready for some warmer weather?

Sometimes I find that not wearing the right thing at the right time can really effect how you feel in the moment. If you run into issues with weather while out and about on the weekend, you can be easily prepared by wearing a versatile outfit! This Fashionista is ready for anything in her cool weekend wear, and not to mention, she is wearing some really killer sandals.

Try out a similar outfit this weekend by wearing a pair of black jeans and cuffing them at the bottom, wearing a simple cami and a flowy button-down shirt in any print you want! Don’t forget your weekend essentials too, like sunblock and sunglasses! You’ll be ready for anything the weekend has in store in this outfit!

One Simple Change: Sometimes, your warmer weather clothes can reappear in the colder months when you are going on a family vacation somewhere warm or even for spring break! Transition this look into the perfect vacation outfit by wearing the printed button-down with some cutoff shorts and flip flops! You can even wear a bathing suit underneath and be ready to jump in the ocean!