WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

June 11th, 2015 at 2:00am

The weekend is coming! Weekends cannot be more exciting after long and hard weeks. Although they are only two days of the week, they give you the chance to refill your energy levels and get ready for the next week. How do you normally spend your weekends? Watching Netflix while eating popcorn on the couch? Hanging out on the town with friends? Or simply spending some time alone? No matter what kind of weekend you are looking forward to, the key word you should be looking for in your outfit is “comfy.” This Fashionista gave a great example of dressing comfy for the weekend.

The whole outfit of this Fashionista can be concluded as “comfy, but not boring.” She wore a simple, black sleeveless maxi dress and paired it with an open-knit sweater. Her sweater protected her from too much exposure to the sun. Her sweater also added a layer to her flat dress. She brilliantly wore a pair of sneakers with bright colors and carried a small cross-body bag with graphic patterns. Both the bag and the sneakers broke the dullness of the black and white, and brought colors and energy to the whole outfit.

The Fashionista also set a good example to those of you who prefer black and white. A black and white outfit can easily give off a boring and cold vibe. However, through adding items with color, you can also make a black and white outfit more energetic. With this little trick, black and white can also be suitable for the summertime.

One Simple Change: Want to get away from home and spend the weekend out of town? Just put on a backpack and you’re all set to head out on your next adventure.