WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

June 10th, 2015 at 11:30am

The weekend is the time to unwind and relax, but it’s also the time to let go and have a little bit of fun in your life. The weekend is definitely my go-to time to experiment with my style, and one simple way to do that is trying new patterns and colors. On the days where you want to be comfortable but also want to put forth your A-game it can become a bit tricky to decide what to wear. I have one simple word for you, Fashionistas: romper.

A romper is the perfect go-to for any weekend day, whether you are just running errands or hanging with your girls. It’s cute and casual, what more could you ask for? Rompers also fit anyone’s style; from super dressy to more grunge, you can always find a romper that you feel your best in. Add some statement accessories to dress it up or just leave it by itself, either way you’ll be rocking it.

This paisley pattern is a statement but also very casual at the same time. Like all rompers, it can be dressed up or dressed down. This Fashionista rocks it by pairing a matching white for the shoe and letting the pattern be the center of the outfit. Let the romper do the talking for you. Most rompers are very patterned, so you’ll always be looking for simple things to complement it, like this Fashionista’s bracelets and watch.

One Simple Change: Change out those sparkling white converse for some cute wedges, add a necklace and swap the sweater for a more fitted jacket and you’re all set for a perfect date night outfit.