WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

On summer weekends, there’s always one question we try to answer before we get dressed: do I want to be comfortable or fashionable today? Making that decision can be harder than it sounds, especially if you have a busy day ahead. However, this Fashionista’s outfit proves that you can have it all and mix fashion with comfort.

Multiple elements of her outfit provide comfort on a hot summer day. To begin with, a pair of supportive loafers can keep you on your feet for hours, whether you’re touring a new city or just spending the day doing errands. It’s also important to wear lighter fabrics in hot weather, so having a cotton dress like this one can make all the difference in your comfort. And as the sun beats down, why not give yourself some shade with a giant hat?

As usual, it’s the details in this Fashionista’s outfit that make all the difference. Even though you can throw on a dress and loafers in ten seconds, it only takes ten more seconds to add some accessories! In this look, the classic design on the Fashionista’s hat complements the pleating on her dress, and layering a few simple necklaces ties the two pieces together. However, it’s really the bright graphic cross-body bag that adds color to the outfit while keeping it functional.

Who says you can’t be comfortable and look great? Take a few tips from this Fashionista and layer basic accessories over a few classic pieces of clothing.

One Simple Change: If you’re taking this look into the night then be sure to ditch the hat for a headscarf or headband to hide that hat hair. Also, bring along a fringed sweater or kimono to throw on if the night gets too chilly.