WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The much desired weekend is finally here and you might get the chance to spend it at your own leisure, in which case it is of utmost importance to feel comfortable and confident. There is unequaled level of chic in effortless, breezy styles that seem to suggest that your main preoccupations are to relax and to go about your day in a cloud of happy vibes. Based on my own experience, summer seems to animate us towards light colored and flowy materials that seem to dance along with our movements.

Last weekend, as I was strolling the grounds of the beautiful remains of the Banffy Castle located nearby my hometown, I had the chance to spot this man, whose simple yet classy flair was a welcome view for my style-inclined vision. Ready to enjoy an open air film screening, the man chose a balanced, event-appropriate outfit.

By choosing clean and unpretentious cuts and neutral, light colors, our Fashionisto stayed true to the relaxed atmosphere and the warm season. His khaki pants, perfectly fitted, were matched with a simple V-cut white shirt with a strategic front pocket and light colored Vans. More so, the materials seemed comfortable and light and the man, a declared fitness enthusiast, was able to move around with ease, without any sartorial constraints.

One Simple Change: As the evening progresses and the temperatures drop, try layering a nicely cut blazer: it will add instant elegance and it will be a nice addition if you plan to go out or enjoy a casual dinner. If you keep the outfit loyal to a light, neutral color scheme, you can show a bit of an adventurous spirit by choosing a darker colored blazer—maybe a classic shade of navy or burgundy.