WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summertime means time for relaxation and a stress free lifestyle; however, in college, that isn’t always true. Between work, internships and summer classes, the weeks can get crazy which means the weekends are that much better! I have been soaking up every minute of the weekends in summer and this week I brought you a Fashionista who had a perfect weekend look!

This Fashionista was enjoying a relaxing Saturday afternoon cookout in this adorable outfit. She made sure she was comfortable given the occasion and she didn’t want to be too overdressed. I loved how this look was relaxed, yet very stylish. One of the newest trends for college students have been the relaxed fit pants. They are casual and comfortable, yet can be dressed up for a bigger occasion. They are simple and classic but can be made more fashionable when paired with the right accessories. They can also be perfect when worn to class or even to work if they are dressed up in a more professional manner. Make sure that when you shop for these pants, you find a pair that fit you properly, They should comfortably on your waist and not be too baggy in the legs, otherwise, you run the risk of them looking more sloppy and less sophisticated.

This Fashionista paired them with a simple white T-shirt and trendy sunglasses, perfect for a casual weekend look. Since the pants are very light, it was perfect for the sunny skies and warmer weather. The simple white T-shirt and black sandals complimented the pants very well by keeping the outfit looking effortless and not too overdone. For weekend looks like this, it’s all about the basics. Take a look in your closet and see what classic pieces you can pair to create a trendy look that is perfect for summer.

One Simple Change: To take this look for day to evening, try adding a pair of cute wedges instead of sandals and switching the sunglasses for a statement necklace. It will take your outfit from comfortable to chic.