WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Everyone knows that there are some days where you lack all motivation to get dressed up. Especially when you have nowhere special to go and the weather is just plain dreary, you don’t feel like putting on normal clothes. Sweatpants and that old T-shirt are probably your go-to casual uniform. This week’s Fashionista shows how to wear the perfect outfit for a casual weekend that is both comfy and pulled together. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for chicness in this outfit.

All of the pieces are solid basics that you probably have in your closet. A pair of blue jeans is a must for any casual day. The light wash coloring of this Fashionista’s jeans give them a summery feel, despite the fact that they’re full length. Her black peplum top is an unexpected twist on a basic black T-shirt and gives the outfit more dimension. A cotton peplum top is always more put-together than a regular T-shirt without sacrificing your comfort. By wearing a ribbed, beige colored cardigan overtop, it adds to the overall comfy-feel of the outfit. The cropped effect of the cardigan, which hits right at the beginning of the peplum, gives the Fashionista a great hourglass effect and adds to the chicness of the look.

It was raining the day this Fashionista was out and about, but she didn’t let nasty weather stop her from making a style statement. By finishing her look with some rain-appropriate accessories, she was ready for whatever weather conditions came her way while still looking fabulous. Her pair of brown lace-up boots are a cute, trendy touch to the outfit. With a can of water protectant spray, you can make any boots ready for summer rain. This Fashionista also proves that an umbrella doesn’t have to be boring, but can add a fun aspect to your outfit. The bright blue of her umbrella gives the outfit more of a summery vibe, even though the weather may be telling you otherwise.

While you do need a dressed-down day every now and then, this Fashionista proves you can be both comfy and look amazing at the same time. By switching out your sweatpants for jeans or your T-shirt for a soft peplum top, you can take your comfy look to street-style worthy. Looking this good could not be any comfier.

One Simple Change If you really don’t feel like wearing jeans on a casual day, opt for some stretchy, jean-like jeggings or even a pair of thick leggings. Paired with the right top, you will still get a chic look with a comfier waistband.