WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

June 4th, 2015 at 2:10am

As the weather gets warmer, anticipation for the weekend begins as soon as the last one ends. Saturdays become spent reading books in Rittenhouse Square or taking drives down to the shore. And as the days seem to grow longer, our hems are getting shorter and shorter. This outfit is a great example of the perfect weekend wear as we are moving into much hotter days. My attention was instantly caught by the effortlessness of this Fashionista’s ensemble. I walked by and thought “this chick is RAD!” Posted up, book in hand, I had to go and introduce myself.  This Fashionista had just come from a dentist appointment and was rocking a mouth full of novocaine, but still managed to look amazing! Some people really know how to make their casual and comfort look cute.

Now, this outfit is perfect for much more then scrapping teeth. It’s effortlessness is great inspiration for your weekend wear. If you are anything like me, then your weekends usually consist of long days spent on your feet exploring the city. This outfit was meant for just that. This Fashionista’s polka-dot dress, while cute and flirty, is also casual and breathable making it perfect for on-the-go. Fit and flare dresses magically combined my two favorite things: fashion and comfort. They allow you to look dressed up while feeling cool and casual. We are pretty lucky, girls. We have the ability to throw on a little sun dress and get ready to go in minutes. But of course, let’s be honest here — all of this takes more than minutes. But still I love the power a piece like this can give. It’s so simple and classic yet urban and cool. The acid-washed denim parka on top adds an element of edge to this laid back but girly look. You can throw it on when it gets chilly or tie it around your waist: a simple but urban piece that is perfect for the unpredictable weather we all experience. Her easy gold jewelry and brown booties tied the whole look together. And who says books are just for reading? They also make great accessories.

Urban Outfitters is my go to retailer for outfits like this. They have a great stock of flirty casual dresses all for really reasonable prices. Their selection of simple gold and silver necklaces is also a plus. With this super cute layered one here, you can achieve the same look but with one piece. I personally rock a plethora of their jewelry on the daily. It’s cheap, cute and always on trend. Not to mention their selection of booties. When the temperature hits 70 degrees, a lot of girls break out the flip flops. But not me. Boots are my go to shoe year-round, and that’s what I love so much about this look. This Fashionista made her brown suede boots transition effortlessly from fall to summer. I am so inspired by the Fashionista. Her effortlessness gave off serious cool girl vibes that both intrigued and intimidated me. She looked powerful, confident and casual. The ultimate trifecta!

One Simple Change: Break my rules and pair this outfit with some cute sandals and a big straw hat for the perfect weekend beach look.