WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it is finally the first coveted long weekend of the summer—Memorial Day Weekend (#MDW)! If you are still exhausted from a long spring semester, it can be hard to not spend the weekends lounging around in sweats. The weather is in that weird limbo between spring and summer, and sometimes it can be difficult to even attempt to plan your outfit. This unofficial start of summer can catch even the best of us off guard but not this Fashionista.

Keeping it simple yet stylish is the best way to describe this look. At a first glance, you see everyone’s favorite staples: a trendy cold-shoulder top, comfortable jeans, a few cute bracelets and Steve Madden boots. However, this Fashionista spiced up her look with accessories—namely a headpiece. Headpieces are definitely all the rage. Used for statement or subtlety, they can be worn for casual evenings, festivals and even the Met Gala! Featuring flowers, feathers or gems, like this Fashionista’s, headpieces are sure to be commonplace this summer.

Regardless of what your weekend plans may hold, this style is perfect. It is comfortable for a family brunch, a backyard barbeque or a #MDW shopping spree. I’ll definitely be using this look as inspiration for purchasing my own headpiece.

One Simple Change: Love this look but the weather is leaning more toward the wintery side? Whether it’s for a night out or a kickback in your basement, try switching to a three-quarter or long-sleeved cold shoulder top.