WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

When the clock strikes five on a Thursday, every student jumps out of their seats and runs for the classroom door. Students grab their hammocks and blankets and head for the Quad. Other students assemble their black light gear and scavenge through their costume drawers for the most epic fraternity toga party of the year. Most of all, every student knows that it’s the weekend!

The weekend in college introduces all types of new events and activities. From school events to concerts to going out with girlfriends, every day of the weekend brings a new adventure—and most importantly a new outfit. The weekend is a time to show off your own personal style. It gives you a chance to put your yoga pants and sweatshirts aside and turn heads at every event.

Living on a college budget does not allow students to shop for a new outfit for every weekend event, so Fashionistas/os have to learn to get creative and change up their looks in the blink of an eye. One way to change up a simple look is to add accessories or layers. For instance, if you have a crop top and high-waisted skirt, you can switch up the look by adding a different pair of heels, a necklace or even a letterman jacket to throw on top. You could wear the same shirt one million times but if you keep changing what it is paired with, the shirt will look completely different each time.

In this look, this Fashionista took a simple black top and pulled the shirt off of her shoulder to create a more edgy and sophisticated look. The patterned pants work perfectly with her uniquely designed accessories. Her necklace and earrings match flawlessly with the consistent gold and silver theme throughout her look. This look could suit a daytime or nighttime weekend event. In this case, this Fashionista was soaking up the beautiful Chicago weather and catching up on a book for class.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista’s weekend outfit could be transformed easily into a Girls Night Out look. Taking away the black flats and adding a black leather jacket and black heels could change this outfit from chic to fun and flirty.