WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With summer in the air it is time for everyone’s dresses to migrate out of storage and to the front the of their closets! Weekends can be busy between parties to attend and errands to run, but maxi dresses are perfect for both occasions. Maxi dresses tend to be made of lightweight materials making it easy to wear and not get too warm while wearing it (plus you don’t have to shave your legs, score!).

This maxi dress is made of two contrasting colors which makes it interesting, not to mention the amazing pattern that is on it! Pairing the the maxi dress with a cardigan comes in handy for those Saturdays where you are out all day. Layering is key because you can always take layers off as it gets warmer throughout the day and you can put them back on at night when the temperatures cools down. This Fashionista chose a white colored cardigan to contrast with the dark colors in her dress. The white cardigan keeps the ensemble light.

The gold belt ties the whole look together by adding a pop of sparkle. Again, the belt keeps the ensemble light and summery like the cardigan. While there is not much detailing and accessorizing to the outfit, the pattern of the dress is appealing to the eyes. When wearing a bold pattern, you want to wear minimal accessories to make the dress the main idea. Too many accessories makes it too busy of an outfit. Always have one star and the rest should be supporting the main star.

One Simple Change: By taking off the cardigan, you can go from an all day outfit to a super chic party outfit! Seeing as this dress is strapless, it makes it super fun for parties and would get you a ton of compliments. Keep the belt on for that pop of sparkle though!