WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It is finally Friday and you cannot wait to have a break from classes, work and your extracurricular activities. So,what do you wear? What do you wear on the day you want to be stylish yet comfortable? Winter is still being winter and you are unsure of your plans for that night. Priority one is definitely staying warm and priority two is definitely staying comfortable. Oversized sweaters are always the way to go on days like these. They give you style and comfort while you prepare for a fun weekend.

This Fashionista meshed weekend comfort and style with her black and white oversized sweater. I love this sweater; it looks so comfortable and warm! This Fashionista paired her oversized sweater with a basic pair of leggings and black boots. If there is one thing that all Fashionista’s should have during the colder months, it is a good pair of black leggings or blue jeggings and great pair of boots. Leggings or jeggings go with just about anything and everything and are super comfortable in any event. Riding boots, combat boots, and even ankle boots add a statement to any oversized sweater and leggings. This Fashionista’s black boots pair perfectly with her leggings and her sweater.

Another thing that stands out to me with this Fashionista’s look is here cute multi-colored tribal necklace. This necklace adds a perfect pop of color on top of her black and white sweater! It would be easy to mimic this Fashionista’s look if you’re ever stuck on what to wear to start off your weekend.

One Simple Change: Want to get in a quick workout before starting your weekend of fun? Swap out your oversized sweater for a T-shirt and your boots for your favorite workout shoes and be on your way to the gym!