WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The other night as I scrolled down my Style Guru page, I realized that this makes the third duo of fashionable friends I have photographed this school year. Coincidence? I think not. Speaking from experience, I can say that our friends influence our fashion choices. This year I live with my best friend, and—even though we manage to maintain our personal styles—we are known to own similar items. While I wear beige, high-waisted trousers with my first H&M purchase (a quirky top with a dachshund plastered across the front), she seamlessly sports black, high-waisted trousers with a blazer.

Fashionable friends are the best; however, a fashionable friend that is honest is particularly of importance. When I made the transition from 931 to 404, I did not expect the same weather fluctuations in Atlanta as I experienced in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. I was in for a surprise when my spring semesters consisted of a 75-degree day followed by a drop of 40 degrees the following morning. Times like these re-establish the importance of purchasing pieces that can be easily layered, especially while spending the weekend café crawling in the city. Unfortunately, it is easy to go from expert layering to looking like a crazed cat woman. This is when a friend’s honest opinion can save us from suffering from a major fashion faux pas, which these Fashionistas steer clear from.

An oversized cable knit sweater is the best way to stay warm during these times. The great thing about a sweater like this is it can be paired with a coat or, with the skill of the Fashionista on the right, worn with a button-down underneath. Currently, plaid button-downs—especially ones in vivid red and blue that resemble the Lindsay tartan—are a hot commodity. The juxtaposition between her crème sweater and these bold colors makes this pattern pop, and draws attention to the dimensions of her outfit.

However, if you get warm easily, take a tip from the Fashionista on the left and layer a chic sweater with a short-sleeved blouse underneath. You can still sport a sweater when you go out, but you will be prepared if the temperatures skyrocket. Partner with a pair of edgy yet comfortable platforms for the ultimate look.

One Simple Change: Hot or cold, Atlanta weather is bound to get the best of you. Become a layering expert by incorporating a coat that will add a third dimension to your layered look. This will be necessary for the spring weather.