WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

After a long week of classes, the only thing that every student undoubtedly looks forward to is the weekend. The weekend is a time of relaxation, fun and happiness where you can rewind from the previous week and enjoy the company of friends. For Fashionistas, the weekend is the best time to show off your true sense of style.

This Fashionista is sporting an outfit that is both comfortable and trendy—perfect for the weekend. On the top, she contrasts the tight fitting and oversized natures of her shirts. The layering that the Fashionista has created by placing the oversized flannel over her cropped tank top works to make the outfit more interesting and flattering to her body. This combination is matched with ripped boyfriend jeans that are both unique and attention grabbing. Their loose fit adds a carefree and edgy flair, which is further complemented by the pair of white Converse she is wearing. As for jewelry, the Fashionista’s small accents of detail that are expressed through her necklace and rings are the perfect addition to the outfit. They add a new dimension without overwhelming the rest of the ensemble. The total combination creates an effortless look that clearly captures the peaceful, yet exciting weekend vibe.

The weekend can be filled with a variety of activities. Whether it’s going to the mall, having a coffee date or simply hanging out, this outfit will wow everyone you see. Its simplistic nature mixed with its focus on details, such as the rips in the jeans, gives the outfit the perfect balance. The weekend is a time for Fashionistas to express their creativity through the mode of fashion. By using this Fashionista as your guide, your weekend wear will definitely be eye-catching to all.

One Simple Change: Your friends surprised you with tickets to a concert, but you don’t have time to change your whole outfit. What do you do? Simply switch the oversized flannel for a leather moto jacket and your outfit is instantly transformed into a more chic and dressed up look!