WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Just because the Northeast is stuck in a never-ending winter doesn’t mean that some weather can keep your style game down. When the weekend rolls around, it is so tempting to stay in bed in the most comfortable sweatpants you own. Instead, celebrate your days off with some top-notch sartorial choices! You have places to go and people to see, so you’ll want to look as incredible as your plans. This Fashionista absolutely nailed her outfit for the weekend with a look that’s chic, fun and functional, too.

What I immediately noticed about this outfit was how this Fashionista made classic black and white look so fresh. There is something to be said for going back to basics and making them completely chic. The nice thing about this outfit is that it can serve so many purposes and look great in the multitude of situations you might encounter over your weekend. She started off with a statement skirt from Olive & Oak. It’s just cool enough that it looks equally great out dancing with friends as it does browsing a record store for the latest finds. A perfectly fitting black T-shirt and tights might seem basic, but they complement the graphic skirt in the sleekest way that brings out this Fashionista’s own personal, refined style. I love how strong and simple this outfit is, using patterns in a focused way to make it pop.

The finishing touches of this outfit make it especially ideal for a weekend that will throw anything at you. A warm peacoat, like this Fashionista’s from H&M, is perfect for this weather that won’t let up. It’s not bulky and adds a classic element to every outfit. When looking for a peacoat of your own, be sure to concentrate on an excellent fit because that will make all the difference. With her shoes, this Fashionista proved to be a girl after my own heart. I have been living in black booties this winter, and the booties this Fashionista is wearing from ALDO are pitch perfect. They’re urban, sophisticated and wearable with just about everything you might have in your closet. The last touch that makes this outfit especially perfect for whatever adventures you’ll be on over the weekend is the punchy, graphic backpack this Fashionista is wearing from Harper Ave. The result is a bold, versatile look that will have you well equipped for whatever the weekend throws your way.

One Simple Change: If you want to transition this look to a more casual occasion, like heading to class on a Monday afternoon, you can make a couple of easy changes. Switch out the black booties and a peacoat for some Converse and a denim jacket that will give the outfit a fun and casual punk appeal.