WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

With the news of spring just now creeping up among us, it is safe to say that staying indoors is no longer a worry. We can finally venture out and deal with nature’s best without wind burns ruining our plans to dress in a stylish manner. The weekends are finally something to truly look forward to! What better way to explore Acorn Alley and the rest of downtown Kent than to bring on a transition in your wardrobe?

This Fashionisto was at the local popcorn shop when I noticed the colors of his outfit. I thought the flannel button-down in green, contrasted with a coral shirt was the brightness that we needed for the transition into spring. Overall, this outfit is simply ideal for the weekend. It is so easy and simplistic for the quick fix of fashion on the go. Of course, to suit the weather, he adds the winter hues of gray in his scarf and his North Face for warmth. Yet the little detail on his jacket made the difference, especially since it tied to his shirt with the same coral addition. He is also wearing khaki joggers, which are great for walking around on the weekends, with navy shoes to match.

One Simple Change: For when the evening hits and the night is young, try opting for a pair of khaki pants, and add wing tip shoes to dress up the outfit. You can also change out the flannel for a different print, such as a striped button-down to match.