WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

I distinctly remember spending my Friday afternoons in high school daydreaming of the weekend. Although my Saturday plans were usually low key, I found myself anxiously glancing at the clock in my history class, anticipating that ecstatic feeling when it struck three. The ringing bell signaled freedom. Well—for two days, at least. Little did I know that I wouldn’t truly experience the freedom and endless possibilities of my weekends until I came to college.

The weekend is a time to explore new parts of town, get your weekly dosage of shopping therapy at the local mall and finally try out that off-campus pizza joint you’ve been dreaming about. With such a busy agenda, one needs a versatile, go-to outfit to suit whatever activities he or she chooses, and that’s where this Fashionista comes into the picture. Her outfit is perfect for a wide variety of weekend shenanigans in this constantly changing weather that Mother Nature chooses to grace the town of Gainesville with. Nothing says versatility like an army green jacket—the ultimate staple in every girl’s wardrobe. This gal chose to pair her utility jacket with a trusty pair of dark wash skinny jeans and brown combat boots, but my favorite part of this outfit were her quirky patterned socks. The days of not showing your socks are long gone, only to be replaced by cozy socks that are begging to peek out from the top of your boots and add a little personality to your outfit.

If you have a jam-packed weekend schedule, go for the classic jacket, jeans and boots combination like this Fashionista chose to. These timeless pieces are 100 percent weekend approved no matter what your plans may be.

One Simple Change: If you wake up on Saturday morning and your weather app is predicting colder weather than you anticipated, don’t toss this outfit aside just yet! Add a plaid scarf and a beanie or knit headband to take on the frigid temperatures in style. Take that, Mother Nature!