WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Whether you are spending the weekend at home, on campus or on a weekend getaway, what you wear on the weekend really shows your true personality. During a weekend in New York City, I noticed a variety of Fashionistas/os wearing whatever they thought portrayed their individuality. I spotted this Fashionista in Central Park at the Bethesda Terrace, the famous spot where Chuck and Blair got married in Gossip Girl.

A key component to your weekend wardrobe is versatility. On a weekend getaway especially, you need to make sure that each piece of clothing in your suitcase or carry-on bag can go well with each other. You never know what Mother Nature will have up her sleeve. This Fashionista styles her completely versatile New York & Company camouflage coat with a brown fleece jacket underneath. Because the coat is very light, she was able to fit another jacket underneath to stay warm. Pairing her coat with dark jeans, brown boots and a gray Chaos beanie and scarf, she created a casual feel to her ensemble.

What really makes this Fashionista’s outfit versatile for any weekend getaway is what she wore underneath her coat. To go from a day time walk in Central Park to a night out in Times Square, this Fashionista wore a burgundy sweater with a black tank top underneath. To jazz up her outfit a bit, she complemented her burgundy sweater with a gold necklace and watch and bracelet set from New York & Company. These pieces of her ensemble take it from a casual look to a more mature, feminine look.

One Simple Change: Take this look from winter to spring and ditch the scarf and brown fleece coat. Then, replace the beanie with cute statement earrings, and replace the boots with a simple pair of black ballet flats.