WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Thank God it’s Friday. After a full week of classes, internships and overall hectic schedules, we all finally get a break. And with the weekend here, the question of what to wear is once again raised. Weekend wear needs to be the perfect combination of comfortable and cute, as this three day break from the daily grind of every college student’s life calls for some extra relaxation and fun.

This Fashionista perfectly captures the comfy, cute and cool look here, as she is ready to take on her weekend in style. She sports some classic pieces, such as denim skinny jeans, a black T-shirt and a warm, black infinity scarf. However, to add some personality to these essential pieces, this Fashionista dons an edgy, cargo military jacket and a red and blue flannel shirt tied around her waist. These two pieces add to that effortlessly cool look, which combines feminine and masculine elements.

The detail in the military jacket and the plaid pattern of the flannel shirt allow for some extra texture to enter the outfit. The buttons, stitching and cinched waist on the military jacket make this piece immediately eye-catching. Both the jacket and the flannel exude an edgier and more masculine look, perfectly juxtaposing this Fashionista’s more feminine black Michael Kors purse and black leather booties. These feminine pieces polish off the look, pulling the entire outfit together.

This combination of different stylistic elements makes this Fashionista’s outfit appropriate for a number of weekend events. Whether she is shopping in SoHo with friends, going to lunch or meeting her parents in Central Park, this Fashionista is ready to take on the day comfortably and fashionably.

One Simple Change: Going out with friends later at night? To make this look one that can go from day to night, swap out the flannel that’s tied around the waist for a nice statement necklace. A funky necklace will be sure to dress the outfit up a bit, making it perfect for a night out with friends.