WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekends are a very important part of a college student’s week. They allow students to catch up on work and spend some much needed time relaxing and catching up with friends. Many students want to be comfortable on the weekends while still looking trendy and cute. I spotted this Fashionista having lunch with some friends. Her outfit was cute and versatile. She would have been able to wear it anywhere she decided to go on her day off.

Jeans make for the perfect weekend outfit. They look more put together than leggings, but they can still be just as comfortable if you find the right pair for your body. This Fashionista chose to pair her jeans with a plain black flowy tank and a cream colored cardigan. This sweater can be thrown on or taken off no matter where this Fashionista decides to go throughout the day. My favorite part of this outfit was the strappy bandeau that this Fashionista wore underneath the black tank. It adds more interest to the outfit and makes it more polished.

The plain brown boots are adorable and complete the outfit They complement the color of her sweater nicely. To add a pop of color, this Fashionista chose to wear mint colored drop earrings.

This outfit is perfect for a weekend spent hanging out with friends or catching up on homework. It is appropriate for many different events, so this Fashionista will not have to change as her plans do.

This Fashionista is sure to have a nice weekend off while wearing this outfit!

One Simple Change: Switch out the blue jeans for a pair of black ones. Throw on some heels and more accessories to add a little more flair to the outfit. This will make the outfit appropriate for a night out!