WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Most winter weekends are spent inside, rewatching old Netflix episodes and playing board games with friends, completely avoiding the frigid weather that’s pressing at the window. All of us are daydreaming of summer days and wishing it was warm enough to spend the whole weekend outside, exploring and playing tourists in our own towns. Let’s make a pact not to let this freezing weather hold us back from spending the weekend however we want to spend it anymore. Let’s seize the day, despite the dropping temperatures. That said, layer up! And let this Fashionista be your guide.

When heading out in the cold, there are certain areas you need to target to keep warm: head, core and feet. Keeping this in mind when heading out into the snow is key. If you add extra layers to these target areas, nothing will stop you from an amazingly eventful weekend. Starting at her feet, this Fashionista slipped on a pair of extra warm cable-knit knee-highs to keep her feet warm and comfortable on long walks around town (Pro tip: add an extra pair of socks for added warmth!). For her core, she donned a knit vest over her basic long sleeve shirt. (Advanced pro tip: add an extra knit vest for added texture and added warmth!) However, she left her head exposed. It seems not all of us are as well-versed in our target areas. To complete the look, simply add a hat. As her outfit has an overall bohemian feel to it, try adding a wide-brim wool hat, which will attract nothing but positive attention, while simultaneously keeping your head cozy and warm. If you’re imitating this outfit, finish off the look with some layered jewelry and your snug Chelsea boots.

One Simple Change: This look may allow you to stroll across town at a leisurely pace, but once you get to your late night concert venue, you’ll want to shed layers like crazy. To avoid that pesky coat check fee, grab a cardigan instead of a vest. It’ll keep you warmer on the walk, but you won’t have to check it at the door.