WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The beginning of the semester is usually a time filled with failed promises to go to the gym, study and cook meals fancier than ramen noodles and scrambled eggs. I’m here to say that one promise you most definitely should make and keep this semester is the promise to set aside weekends to get together with your friends, dress up and decompress from all of your current college struggles. It is amazing what a day with your besties can do for you when you’re not feeling like yourself.

I spotted this Fashionista when I was walking to class and I immediately took note of her casual, cool girl style and admired the simple yet put together vibe that her outfit gave off. Her outfit is perfectly stylish for weekend wear, yet simple enough to not look like she is trying too hard. This is surely a look I will be emulating. Often in the fashion world the statement less is more rings true and this outfit displays that rule perfectly.

This Fashionista exuded total confidence in her high-waisted black pants which create the perfect proportion matched with her long sleeved collegiate-inspired cropped top. Her modest black flats are perfect for a shopping day with the girls or for a date night out on the town. Black flats like these are versatile and vital to any Fashionista’s wardrobe. She finished off the casual look with a classic pair of Wayfarers and a fun braided hairdo. This outfit screams hip college girl, and where would a hip college girl fit in better than hanging at a cozy local coffee shop with friends on the weekend?

At a coffee shop on a Saturday morning with your closest friends you can Instagram pictures of your lattes and macarons free of judgment while acting as much or as little like a mysterious hipster as you’d like. In this outfit you can also dish about your latest Tinder fail and plan your next girl’s night out until your fashionable little heart is content. This Fashionista made casual weekend wear look flawless and kept it classic and cool with timeless pieces that every girl should have in her closet.

One Simple Change: Did you and your girls opt for that Girl’s Night Out instead? Add a black leather jacket to stick with the timeless cool girl vibe of the outfit without going overboard.