WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

When your weekend schedule includes a study session, dinner with the girls, an on-campus performance, a basketball game and maybe 5 minutes to rest in between, sometimes the last thing on your mind is what you’re going to wear. Let’s face it, college is all about overwhelming yourself with things to do so that you can be productive, but still find time to make fun memories with your friends. Thus, your weekend wear should be cute, comfortable and no-fuss, so that you can at least focus on getting to all of your engagements on time.

The typical Fashionista is well-rounded, passionate and thrives within her community. She knows when to glam it up for special occasions, and when to take it easy for her days on the go. I spotted this Fashionista wearing some essentials that every busy girl should have in her closet. She has on a maroon, flowy top (it doesn’t hurt to wear one of Elon’s colors. Go Phoenix!) On the bottom are a pair of light wash boyfriend jeans. These pants have been an absolute favorite of mine. Not only because they’re so darn comfortable, but also because they’re flattering on pretty much every body type.

Her accessories are completely timeless, and appropriate for many different seasons. Her oversized, black scarf is a staple during the cold months. Yet, it’s still a comfortable addition on those surprisingly warm Carolina days. For all you girls that like to carry your whole life with you (I know I do), this Fashionista’s brown leather bag is the perfect option. It’s spacious, yet stylish. Big enough to fit your laptop and all of your unnecessary makeup items that you just HAVE to take with you. Last, she has on the all-American sneakers, a pair of classic Converse shoes. If you want a sensible pair of shoes that are kind to your feet (but not absolutely hideous), I suggest investing in a pair of these.

Now, go forth! Conquer the world. Take over your campus, one step at a time. But remember, leave the heels and your leather skirt for the party later in the night. Sometimes, you just want to be able to kick off your shoes and roll up your sleeves when you’re working toward that bright future of yours.

One Simple Change: Don’t have much time to change before a girl’s night out? Bring a pair of black pumps and a black leather clutch along with you to change your look from “doing work” to “working it.”