WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

To most active members of society, the weekend means time to kick back and relax. But to college students, the weekend is for catching up on all the reading and projects that simply did not get finished during the course of the school week. While most students will don the usual leggings and sweatshirt, the rest of us feel better and more accomplished when we add a little style.

Keeping things comfy and casual, this Fashionista sticks to the leggings option to keep herself warm during the hike across campus between her place, the library and other academic buildings to get her weekend to-do list accomplished. Instead of the typical black puffy jacket though, she opts for this trendy parka. This is the first furless parka I’ve seen, and I’m really digging its uniqueness. A warm pair of socks playing peekaboo in snow boots is extra comfy and adds a little pop of color. She also accessorizes with a brightly colored knit scarf, because the temperature is still sometimes in the single digits.

Most important for any college student is what you’re going to carry your stuff in. Although there are so many different kinds of backpacks, a backpack is still a backpack. I would probably stick to using one during the week when I tend to pack my entire desk with me. A messenger bag is great for lighter weekend trips to the library or your local coffee shop.

One Simple Change: The best way to unwind after a stressful weekend of playing catch up and studying for upcoming exams is to forget it all and dance the night away at a local concert. Catch the newest, upcoming artist at The Loft in downtown Lansing! Swap the snow boots for a pair of funky high-top sneakers or combat boots, lose the scarf for your favorite necklace or hair accessory and get down with your bad self!