WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

February 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

The weekend for a college student is like candy to a kid. We wait patiently all week to get two or three days off without any priorities. With the weekend comes the urge to just relax and not feel obligated to dress up, especially for guys. Lets face it, most guys are going to choose comfort over class when it comes to dressing themselves on the weekend. Unless there is a formal event to attend, finding a guy wearing a trendy outfit on their day off is pretty uncommon. Luckily, the fashion industry has caught onto this and found other ways to compromise. One word: joggers. Yes, we have all seen them by now and whether you love them, hate them or are asking yourself why they are such a big trend and are here to stay for the season.

For the Fashionista/os who have possibly been living under a rock, joggers are essentially a fancier and trendier take on sweat pants. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs. There are even khakis and slacks that are made in jogger form. Clearly there is a reason guys love them so much and that is because they are a prefect blend of comfort and trend. Who doesn’t love a pair of dress pants revamped into the form of sweatpants?

This Fashionisto had definitely contrasted a great look with his pair of joggers. From the relaxed jacket and joggers, to the button-up and fun pair of kicks, this look is awesome. Its pretty easy to see why a trend like this has blown up so quickly.

One Simple Change: If you’re into this whole trend of joggers being cool, then try pairing them with a blazer and dressier shoes. This still keeps the comfort of the pants while giving the look a little more sharpness for a casual date night.