WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

To most college students, there’s nothing like game day on campus. The Western Civilization quiz that you bombed the day before is long forgotten. You have a new priority, and its name is basketball. You’re so excited that not even the looming crisis known as your calculus homework could ruin it (it can wait one more day)! But tip off is in two hours and everyone will be there, so what do you wear?

This Fashionisto shows us how to effortlessly combine sporty and fashion-forward to create a perfect game day look. He starts by throwing on a thrifted hockey jersey that is functional and well designed for pushing through crowds on the way to the big game. You could even keep a fun graphic T-shirt underneath the jersey for easy layering and two looks in one.

He then paired his red jersey with some complementary but contrasting camo joggers. Joggers are ideal for Fashionistas/os of every kind because of their versatility. The fitted ankle with a baggy shape makes them comfortable for long days sitting in class or a night out. You could dress them up or dress them down. In this case, his joggers are ideal for putting up with bleacher seating.

Just in case this outfit wasn’t already perfect for the occasion, this Fashionisto’s Pittsburgh winter essentials put it over the top. His Nike sneaker boots are perfect for trekking through snow without the heinous look of snowshoes. In addition, his pom pom beanie is the optimal accessory to brave the freezing temperatures on the way to the game.

One Simple Change: You decide to hit the books instead of the game? Trade out the boots for a simple pair of moccasins. You’ll be stylish, comfortable and ready for a long night in the library.