WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Every college student wants sleep, a social life and good grades, but having all three at the same time is nearly impossible. During the week, we may focus on sleep and schoolwork, but once the weekend rolls around, deciding how to spend our time becomes especially difficult. The sunny, 70-degree day may beg us to put down our schoolwork, stop by the drive-through daiquiri shop and lay by the Mississippi River or we might miss a Sunday brunch at ReFuel when the late nights finally catch up to us.

As impossible as it is to fit everything we want to do into one weekend, students don’t stop trying. One important step in making the most of your weekend is to minimize time spent getting ready. Comfort and versatility are the two things I aim for in my weekend wear so I can save time by not having to change between activities.

The Fashionista I found this weekend has a perfect casual and comfortable look. She could take this from a street festival to a coffee shop. Her black lacy pants are classy and stylish, but loose enough to sit cross-legged in the park while having a picnic. She paired her bohemian lace pants with a simple black crop top. Crop tops have been seen all over spring and fall runways and this Fashionista proves that they’re not just for summer. By layering a thick striped cardigan on top she stays warm and looks appropriately dressed for the weather.

This student was careful with her accessories and only brought the necessities. Her cross-body black bag is perfect to carry her wallet, phone and chapstick; she can even store her sunglasses when going inside. She wore small feather earrings that match her ring and add to her bohemian vibe.

One Simple Change: Attending a concert this weekend? Swap flip flops for heels, add a denim jacket instead of the cardigan and get ready to dance the night away.