WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s a Sunday morning. Even if rain is falling, as Adam Levine croons in the hit Maroon 5 song, and you’re using your Sunday to chill out before the week truly begins, the opportunity for a stellar outfit is there. Take advantage of it just as this Fashionista does.

Since our main mode of transportation here in New York City is our own feet, it is very important to keep comfort in mind when dressing for a chilly winter walk around the city. This Fashionista is dressed for the climate with a cozy coat and black beanie to keep her warm. Wearing sneakers allows her to go the distance, in this case, dozens of blocks, without the worry of stopping to rest achy feet.

It’s difficult to dress comfortably for cold weather without feeling like a marshmallow. But there are ways to elevate this kind of outfit. This Fashionista exemplifies several. 

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was her stand out faux fur jacket. This type of outerwear is fashionable and functional. It provides both warmth and style, which are essential for a Sunday adventure. However, our Fashionista dresses her luxe piece down by keeping the rest of her ensemble casual. While this black on black combination may appear simple, it most certainly is not. Subtle details like her leather leggings and the pop of red in her sleek Nike sneakers elevate this Fashionista’s look to a new level of sporty glam.

One Simple Change: Decide to meet up with friends for a Girl’s (Sunday) Night Out? Ditch the Nikes for a heeled bootie. You can even wear cute girly socks to draw more attention to your fabulous shoe. Once in the comfort of the heated indoors, put your hood down, kick back and get ready for another crazy week as a fabulous Fashionista/o.