WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

One of my absolute favorite things to do on the weekends is go to brunch. The smell of fresh coffee and warm croissants is enough to make me hop out of bed even after the latest nights. Whether I am at home or at school, with friends or family, brunch always gets the weekend off to a great start. What one wears to brunch can be tricky. Does one look cute and casual, or just dress purely for comfort? I have been in this predicament many times before, so when I spotted this Fashionista, I knew that she had mastered the perfect brunch look.

This outfit is perfect for brunch because it is so effortless and will easily become your uniform for weekends. The key with this outfit is starting off with an easy piece and building off of that. For this outfit, boyfriend jeans are the base. Boyfriend jeans can be tricky to wear if you’re not six feet tall, however when they are a slim fit like this Fashionista’s, they look great even on petite frames. These jeans are perfect because they are so incredibly comfortable, but they also look very stylish. This Fashionista pairs her jeans with a white sweater, keeping the look simple and clean. White sweaters are great because they work well for many occasions and translate easily season to season. Because this Fashionista’s top and bottom are pretty plain, she added leopard print sneakers to add interest and a pop of color. If you try out an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s, you will be sure to wow your companions at your next outing!

One Simple Change: Need to run errands around town after brunch? Throw on a comfy scarf to make the look more casual!