WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Weekdays can be stressful and monotonous, so clothing is usually not a top priority. As tempting as it is to lounge around once you get to the weekend, many people want to get out there. Weekends involve a lot of free time to spend with people and socialize, so you want to look the best you can! With less class and stress, you might have more time to think through an outfit than you usually do. This Fashionisto looks sharp and set for a fun weekend.

This outfit is casual enough for hanging around the city with friends, but also perfect for a night out. He looks very put together without overdoing it, which is a common regret for guys. The light wash of the skinny khakis make this Fashionisto stand out, but the neutral tones are nowhere near overwhelming. This outfit looks structured, especially with the clean lines of the sweater, but comfortable as well. His Vans are a very slim shape, and they match well with the slim opening of the pants. This Fashionisto also adds a mysterious touch with fun winter sunglasses.

Skinny jeans are becoming more and more popular with guys, and they are a good staple for weekend wear. Once again, men are embracing original women’s style and vise versa. Because these jeans have such a form-fitting appearance, it can be difficult to keep the entire outfit in proportion. Loose tops and baggy sweatshirts might make the legs look too skinny in comparison, so stick with fitted T-shirts and sweaters. Tucking a shirt into skinny jeans can look great as well, especially with a broad belt. Take inspiration from this Fashionisto, and you will be set for a casual, yet refined look.

One Simple Change: Trying to transition from a winter day look into a look that’s perfect for a party later? Wear an edgy T-shrt under your sweater, so you can take it off once you arrive.