WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It is very unusual of me to approach a Fashionista by saying, “Where did you get that?” This time, however, I had to! It had been raining all day and you only want to feel cozy and warm. This Fashionista seemed to be wrapped around in a chunky scarf made of cotton candy and clouds. To top it off, she perfectly combined so many items and colors. This outfit is not only perfect to go to class in, thanks to the comfiness of the sneakers and chunky scarf, but also to a day of brunch, followed by girl’s night in. Talk about a perfect Saturday.

I love to deconstruct an outfit and highlight every piece that makes an ensemble unique. Starting from top to bottom, of course, the never-ending trend of mirrored sunglasses. I confess I am not even close to stopping to wear mine. Do not stop wearing something that makes you feel so cool! Also, the chunkiness of the scarf and sunglasses combo gives her a mysterious vibe, don’t you think?

Moving forward, can we applaud the leather on leather action going on between the jacket and bag? The colors could not be further apart, however, I love the clashing of different colors of leather. Even though, I’ve been too afraid to buy a colored leather jacket myself. I think it’s time I apply what I preach so I’ll be on my way to find the perfect one!

What makes this outfit so great for weekend wear is its versatility in terms of the weather. This outfit is warm enough to keep you cozy on the subway and in between plans. Moreover, it is not layered enough for you to melt away indoors. You can easily tie your scarf to your purse and voilá!

To finish it off, I have to say that the highlight of this photo shoot was me realizing that this Fashionista’s sneakers are personalized! The moment I zoomed in, I noticed a sewed HEY on the corner of the shoe. I couldn’t help but say, “You are on point with your trends.” I am obsessed with personalizing pieces. I’ve been thinking on putting my name or initials on a leather jacket. Don’t get me started with personalized bags or the Eddie Parker clutches. I think that a personal touch makes a piece so much more worthy and priceless.

My favorite part of deconstructing an outfit is that you realize there is a purpose of every single piece you are putting together. When you look at yourself in the mirror, you see your masterpiece. Let’s call it personal style.

One Simple Change: Do you have a long day ahead of you in the library? Change your purse for a backpack and the leather jacket for a chunky knit or a quilted puffy jacket. You will feel more comfortable and easy-going, ready to embrace study sessions.