WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

As college students, we are extremely busy during the week with our crazy class schedule and endless work that has to be completed. With this in mind, us students have no time to run errands or get anything else completed during the week. This is why “weekend” is a student’s favorite word to hear. Two full days of all the time in the world and no classes at all; what could be better? When the weekend finally rolls by and we have the freedom and time to go out, it leaves us with one final question: what do we wear?

With the constant errands that must be done on the weekends, we, of course, want to stay casual and not too dressed up for those midday shopping runs. A pair of jeans is perfect for any casual day and can be dressed up or down many different ways. This Fashionista paired her dark wash jeans with a rustic orange T-shirt to add a little color to her outfit. To add some pattern, she paired a purple tribal print cardigan on top. Since it’s 20 degrees here in New Jersey, a winter jacket is a must for these icy snow days. This Fashionista’s off-white jacket is the perfect color to stay neutral with the other pops of colors within the outfit. Lastly, what better way to complete an outfit than with a big chunky necklace? This statement necklace is the perfect addition to the outfit to complement the cardigan she is wearing.

One Simple Change: Want to know how to turn this casual daytime outfit into a flirty girl’s night out look? Well, it is very simple. For a night out with your friends, replace the dark wash jeans with a pair of black harem pants. In addition, instead of tall black boots, wear little black booties or even a pair of heels if you’re feeling extra flirty that night!