WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The spring semester is coming up fast, and we all anxiously wait to reconnect with old friends, make new memories and break free of the all-consuming Netflix binge. Some of us are probably even excited for new classes (not me, but some). While you’re readjusting your sleep schedules and trying to remember to write “2015,” you are bound to be invited out to lunch with friends to rehash your winter festivities. Though your friends love you for your personality, no one wants to come back looking the same way they looked when they left, or worse. Besides, it’s a new year, so why not show off the new you!

This Fashionista is not afraid to be bold and daring in this green blazer. Though winter colors are primarily neutral browns, blacks, blues and whites, a pop of color is just what you need to add life to your winter wardrobe.

Now, the key to rocking this bold piece is to make sure it is the main focus of your outfit. This Fashionista does this perfectly by pairing her blazer with inconspicuously colored clothing and accessories. Because the plain white T-shirt and dark denim jeggings she’s wearing are neutral, the eye is naturally drawn up towards the colorful blazer.

Her black, faux suede wedges accentuate her gorgeous long legs and adds a bit of edginess, making her look fierce from head to toe. The black and white satchel bag is eye-catching but complements her ensemble as opposed to being a distraction. Her chunky, single-strand gold chain necklace adds a touch of femininity by bringing out the gold undertones in her skin as well as the yellow in her blazer.

This look is simple yet fierce and is guaranteed to leave your friends speechless, not to mention envious, at your next outing.

One Simple Change: Need to head over to your internship? Just swap out the wedges for a cute pair of flats or low-heel ankle booties to make this look more comfortable and appropriate for the office.