WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Winter break is the perfect time for students to relax and explore their hometowns or other cities. This weekend, I took a day trip to Whistler to visit its beautiful Lost Lake. On the Sea to Sky Highway back to Vancouver, I stopped at a few viewpoints to take in the stunning sceneries. The picturesque landscape left me in awe, and I was reminded of many spring 2015 ready-to-wear collections. The beautiful hues illustrated on this clear winters day can be found in such collections like Clover Canyon, Erdem and Jason Wu.

At one of the viewpoints I stopped at, I spotted this Fashionista and her effortless style. She pulls the look together simply by wearing black and white. Starting from the top, her toque features a slouchy shape with ribbed edge for a relaxed fit that keeps her head and ears nice and warm. The white crewneck T-shirt is perfect for layering or wearing by itself. Since it is a bit chilly on the Sea to Sky, this Fashionista layers her tee with a black seamless tank top underneath for an extra layer of warmth. Instead of a bulky parka as an outer layer, she wears a knitted sweater for coziness. Parkas can get very heavy when moving around a lot and, since viewpoints are just for a quick break from being in the car, a sweater was able to combat the cold weather just fine. Moving on, she pairs her black leggings with a pair of ankle boots. These ankle boots have a lug sole to improve traction from all the snow and slush on the ground (who would want to slip and fall?!) and a padded collar for added comfort for your ankles.

This effortless look can keep you feeling stylish and cozy, which is surely the ideal wear for the weekend!

One Simple Change: Heading back to Vancouver after all the amazing natural sights? Be sure to stop by downtown for dinner and enjoy the city at night. For a more polished look and evening attire, simply swap the sweater with a leather jacket or coat, add a statement necklace and layer on some of your favorite rings!