WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s that time of year again that is filled with stress, heartbreaks and resolutions, also known as the beginning of a new semester. Even though we all had more than a month of winter break, it’s unreal how fast it all went by. Now it’s time to dig for those lost school supplies, enroll in last minute classes and binge on coffee again. Students will take advantage of the last weekends of freedom since the semester can be stressful from day one.

The South has been getting a little colder than usual, which has been a surprise for fellow Texans. Instead of sticking with a basic sweater and jeans, this Fashionista has taken this cold weather to her favor. She used warm and creamy beige colors to enhance her accessories and natural skin tone, all while staying comfy. A form-fitting, patterned tank top and a pair of leggings were a perfect base for this look. Adding color with her cardigan complemented her light, mud-colored boots and purse flawlessly. Finishing the outfit with a gold watch and ring along with a white statement necklace brought sophistication and class to a simple outfit.

This cozy ensemble is great for the weekend. Whether you’re shopping around, grabbing lunch or running errands, this simple outfit is very flexible. Being comfortable and stylish simultaneously is always a win.

One Simple Change: This versatile look can be used for many different events. However, substituting the leggings with a skirt will take this Fashionista’s weekend wardrobe to a boho chic date night effortlessly.