WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Winter is the most tricky season to dress for, at least here in Virginia. The usual icy chills associated with winter were absent today and instead replaced with a wondrous 65-degree day complete with a light breeze. When planning on going out to run errands the weather is a huge factor in determining what exactly will be worn. Despite the difficulties our recent meteorological oddity has caused, this Fashionista found a way to dress in a manner that fit both the season and the temperature.

By pairing jeggings, a casual and must-have wardrobe piece, with a light sweater she’s got enough coverage for her winter uniform. The addition of a utility vest differentiates herself from the everyday shopper. While the vest adds a more masculine touch to her look, she balances it with buckled booties and a chic, compact Coach purse. This look is everyday appropriate and easy to throw on in a plethora of variations with a similar end result–fashionable, lovely, snazzy, spiffy; the list could go on.

Essentially our Fashionista has taught us that the weird winter weather doesn’t determine style. Instead, it can allow us to break away from our bulky coats and perhaps give a taste of what is to come in the following warmer months. Taking cues from this look is a good idea no matter where you live and whatever weather you face. Choose staple pieces to act as foundation for your imperfectly perfect thrown together outfit. From there, add accessories that make you feel sassy and like the standout stunner that you are.

One Simple Change: No matter how nice the weather during the day is, when the sun falls so does the once bearable temperature. Exchanging the vest for a wild printed coat would maintain the intrigue of your outfit while also preventing you from shaking like a leaf on a windy day.