WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

February 23rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Kanye West once said “Some days I’m in my Vans.” Today, is one of those days. Hey Fashionistas/os! I keep on waiting for this groundhog to do his job and make the early Spring weather come, but it hasn’t. New Jersey lately has been feeling like Antarctica. Weekend weather defines the weather currently in New Jersey. It’s okay to walk around in sweats but it’s also okay to walk around in some Vans. What you wear over the weekend is all up to your mood and the weather. You could dress comfy but still look trendy and cute.

This Fashionista layered up to the fullest. Starting with her head, she kept it warm by wearing an olive dark green beanie from Forever 21. Going down, for her shirt she wore a gray crewneck also from Forever 21, along with a flannel. She tops it off by wearing a gray hoodie and on top finishing it off with a dark blue nylon bomber jacket, both from H&M. She ends her outfit with black skinny high ankle jeans and, of course, old skool Vans. This outfit is perfect for the weekend. With this Fashionista’s long brushed hair blowing in the wind she also had on some eyeliner and mascara for a quick makeup look.

One Simple Change: Going somewhere a bit more formal and not casual? Take off the beanie and switch the Vans for some booties with a heel. These will be sure to make a statement! Make sure to rock what you have on!