WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

September 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the best days of the week by far. The weekend is ultimately all about unwinding, relaxing and enjoying yourself as much as you possibly can. In my opinion, finding things to occupy the weekend and actually getting to do them is almost as fun as deciding what you are going to wear. Whether you plan to have an afternoon on the town, are going out to eat or are having a casual day, having a perfect outfit for any weekend occasion is a must.

This Fashionista’s look is ideal for any weekend activity, whatever it may be. It is just the right mix of casual, grunge and sophisticated. The white denim skirt and blue button-down denim shirt complement each other and go together splendidly. Keeping with the latest choker trend, this Fashionista accessorizes with a blue choker to match her shirt which adds so much more to the outfit. To top off the look, this Fashionista sports the most perfect tan suede lace-up heels, which aren’t very high so they are great for a day filled with walking adventures. Her choice of purse is exceptional because it adds just the right pop of color while still keeping the look neutral colored which gives it a more casual feel.

What I love about this look is how easy it is to achieve for anyone who wants to rock it. All you need a few denim pieces, neutral colored shoes, a cute purse and a few subtle accessories. If you know you aren’t one to wear a choker, go ahead and accessorize with whatever you are comfortable with!