WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

When you live in Iowa, all you wish is that you were near a beach. So, since we do not have one of those, we like to walk around asking for one.

This Fashionista was having a casual, laid back weekend (not on the water…sad) so she decided to go with a more summertime grunge look. She is wearing a simple, chic tank top paired with denim shorts. She added the black bralette on top to give off a more full look. She could have gone with any color of bralette, but the black allows for the “beach please” manuscript to stand out to the eye more clearly. This Fashionista also layered a simple, light gray cardigan with this outfit to add some substance and also because, once again, we live in Iowa. We never know where the weather is headed, so having this lightweight cardigan is perfect to have if you are wearing this outfit day to night.

The Converse are a casual shoe that can be worn for any event and also help with that more chill, grunge vibe this Fashionista had going. She did really well with bringing out that blank lettering in the tank top by pairing the outfit with the black sneakers and the black sunnies. Those dark accent pieces, including the bralette, really help that focal point of the tank top stand out.

This is a very simple look that is great for a normal weekend with whomever will be joining you. It can be worn on or off the water, and you can dress it with whatever style suits you best. For a nice, easy going weekend, keep it chill.

One Simple Change: Lose that cardigan, throw on a swimsuit underneath and get ready to hit the beach for the day! This tank top is a cute, chic coverup to wear with your unbuttoned denim shorts on those beautiful beach days.So lighten it up and get in the sun.