WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Is it Friday yet? The weekend’s arrival means the arrival of time that is your own. A lot can happen during the weekend, so it is important your outfit is ready for errands, a date and hopefully a party. Wearing one outfit that applies to different events can add that extra ounce of leisure you are looking for when the weekend rolls around.

While the old adage may be “Don’t wear white after Labor Day,” it seems people often steer away from too much white year round. Denim on denim? Sure. Black on black? Always! When it comes to white on white, most guys hesitate. This Fashionisto does not fear it. He has always been a fan of the look.

With the unusual heat we are getting here in Chicago, it is important to dress light when you can. That being said, lighter colors don’t absorb as much heat as our usual go-to darks; they look even better next to sun-kissed skin. This lightweight oxford allows for air, but makes it look like an extra step was taken while dressing to impress. The shorts make for a good match that you don’t have to think about in the morning.  It’s always good to have classic pieces like these in your closet. Classics can be used perfectly with the monochromatic trend. Additionally, because neither piece is linen he won’t have to deal with wrinkles throughout the day. He recommends wearing materials other than linen, if you’re going for ease.

adidas Originals shoes are everywhere, and the Sambas are a unique style offered by the company. With the shorts and bracelet, the shoes ultimately add a casual summer-vibe to the outfit as a whole. The all-white look is crisp and can be taken anywhere. This Fashionisto is ready for anything.

One Simple Change: Is the temperature dropping before you head out later tonight? Switch the shorts for a pair of tailored light wash jeans to keep warm. Dark wash jeans will also help if you feel the shorts are too casual for dinner!