WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summer is finally here but let’s face it, summer doesn’t have the same pizzazz as it once did. As college students, our weekdays are spent trying to spice up our resumes with internships, summer jobs and shadowing hours. Most of us don’t get to spend every day at the pool or hang out with our friends at the mall. So, that means when the weekend rolls around we are no longer confined to the rules of an office dress code or uniform. Instead, those are our few days of fashion freedom!

This Fashionista wasn’t going to let that freedom slip through her fingers as she decided to bring the ’70s all the way to 2016. Her green John Lennon-inspired sunglasses and perfectly matched color-block T-shirt set her whole look into motion. They give off just the right amount of unique ’70s-vibe without overpowering the rest of the outfit. The vintage sandals she is wearing and her maroon cross-body bag tie into her theme while remaining sensible enough for a Saturday filled with shopping adventures. You can’t go wrong with a pair of denim skinny jeans when it comes to being practical and weather conscience. Although summer can get beastly hot, once the sun goes down there can be a big dip in the temperature, especially in the Pennsylvania area. This can be helpful to remember when headed for a full day out with friends in order to remain comfortable. This Fashionista was definitely able to break free from her weekday workplace fashion chains and take full advantage of her weekend freedom.

One Simple Change: If you find yourself wanting to shift from a causal daytime look to a more structured girl’s night out look for a dinner and movie, by switching out the denim skinny jeans for a denim button-down, high-waisted skirt. This simple change can dress the blouse and sandals up all while keeping the ’70s look alive.