WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Summer weekends bring balance and peace back into the soul of a college student. There are no assignments hanging over our heads, and we can fully relax and regroup for the upcoming week. All week, we find ourselves forced into our part time job uniforms just to quickly change into loungewear as soon as we get home. The weekend brings a different meaning to the day. There are places to go to and people to see!

This Fashionista knows she can finally bust out her favorite weekend look and show it off to her friends as they embark on fun adventures. That could mean waking up early to go to the local farmers market and her favorite coffee shop. It could also mean sleeping in and heading to a late movie and getting ice cream afterward. Whatever the freedom of the weekend brings, this Fashionista is ready for all events in her versatile and unique look.

In this eclectic outfit, she combines trends from two previous decades. Sourcing from the 1980s she pays respect to the great John Hughes film “The Breakfast Club” with her soft white T-shirt. As the movie takes place during the weekend, it shows the students, especially Molly Ringwald’s character, dressing in stylish outfits. This element proves that no matter what decade we are in, the weekend is always the time for outfits to truly shine. She layered her perfectly distressed acid wash denim overalls over her T-shirt to create contrast.

Switching over to the the 1990s, there is a fun pop of color with the hot pink scrunchie on her right wrist. The scrunchie adds fashion form and function as it can actually be used to tie up her hair easily during the hot southern summer days she faces. She finishes off her look with the final ’90s trend, tall black Dr. Martens. These boots can take her anywhere and provide a grunge detail to her overall vintage-inspired outfit.

One Simple Change: When climate change strikes again and you find yourself with goosebumps, throw on a plaid cotton button-down. Similar to your favorite fall flannel, this addition can be worn normally or tied around the waist just in case the weather changes back. That simple change can escalate this look into the perfect outdoor concert outfit. Now you’re ready to face any kind of summer weekend night.