WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Imagine it’s 4:45 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, and with only fifteen minutes left of your boring summer job you can’t help but think about the perfect outfit for the night. Of course you probably should be spending that time actually working but, let’s be real, planning a new look is an important task. And with only fifteen minutes left of the day, your boss is probably doing the same thing!

Weekends are for relaxing and hanging out with friends. This month’s Fashionista is wearing a comfortable but super stylish outfit that is perfect for any weekend event. Whether it’s a graduation party, dinner with friends or a fun summer party, this is a go-to look. The outfit mainly consists of black which makes her light blue and red-patterned skirt the center of attention. Rightfully so, the fun bottom ruffles and distinct structure will grab anyone’s eye. Flowy skirts are all over the place this summer, so try looking for something more unique.

Fashion-forward pieces like this can be easily styled with solid colors. This is perfect for when you’re running late to an event after work or if your the friend who always loses track of time! This Fashionista paired her skirt with a simple black crop top (a must have in anyone’s closet) and a bralette. The pop of lace definitely adds to the overall look without having to try hard at all.

To finish off the outfit she added a pair of black wedges and simple necklaces.The wedges give her height to elongate her legs and are super easy to walk in thanks to the added ankle strap. Also, simple jewelry is another staple that can go with any outfit. Her two choker length necklaces, shaped in a star and moon, are trendy and cute. Wearing jewelry is such an easy way to personalize an outfit and really make it your own!

One Simple Change: If you’re going on vacation with your family, try switching out the wedges for flat sandals. This is perfect for walking on the boardwalk at the beach or shopping in Times Square!