WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

The weather at Ithaca has been behaving differently this year. With snowstorms and 60-degree weather all in one week, it has become one of the mildest winters I’ve ever experienced. Due to the bipolar weather, it’s hard to find an outfit that will not leave you too hot or too cold. It’s been pretty warm here, with sun in the daytime and chilly rain in the evening. With the perfect amount of layering, you will be able to achieve a comfortable look during any daily weather change.

This Fashionista is wearing simple black jeans, black boots, a parka and a chunky infinity scarf. One thing I wanted to focus on in this Fashionista’s look was the fact that she has a parka on. Parkas are light coats with hoods; hence, great for windy weather. This minimal olive green parka adds to the outfit by making it look laid-back and put together. Even though the jacket is not that long, the length of her boots make up for it, keeping the outfit well layered. The chunky infinity scarf adds color to the look, as well. It is a smart way to add the look for when the forecast is not certain, and is easy to take off if the weather warms up. The neutral dark shades show how this outfit can easily be dressed up with accessories. Here, she paired her outfit with sunglasses, adding to the weekend look.

One Simple Change: To switch the look up for a dinner with the gals, just swap the black boots for black heels.