WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

March 4th, 2016 at 2:10am

The spring semester has finally started to pick up and “syllabus day” has turned in to multiple papers due by 11:59 pm tonight in four out of five of your classes. While you’re gathering the remainder of your edges trying to fathom how on earth you’re going to be able to finish all your assignments before the deadline, you consider that after all this chaos is taken care of, you might need a night out on the town.

This Fashionista went for a California grunge look similar to a style you’d see in Yves Saint Laurent’s fall ready-to-wear collection from 2013: plaid, leather and, of course, the black lipstick. Black is an essential color when it comes to this sort of grunge style. From the black lacy crop top to the black leather jacket, this Fashionista wants to make a statement when she steps out for the weekend.

No matter where she’s headed this weekend, she’ll be both comfortable and well dressed. The leather jacket in her outfit is perfect for those late night chills but easy to switch up and remove when she walks into a packed bar or club. The plaid longline shirt also adds another layer to our Fashionista’s look that can easily be taken off and tied around your waist if it gets too warm.

This outfit can also be worn either day or night and this Fashionista proves that with her mirrored round shades hanging from her top for easy accessibility. And whats a grunge outfit without any distressing? Distressed jeans are a staple and work for almost every occasion when paired the way this Fashionista did. When it comes to foot wear, combat boots come to mind, but this Fashionista took it up an octave and wore some heeled boots similar in design to combat boots. Laced up and ready to go!

One Simple Change: Heading out to a celebration that is a little dressier but still want to go for the grunge look? Try kicking off the jeans and crop and pairing the remainder of the outfit with a black bodycon midi dress that’ll be sure to turn heads and steal looks.