October 21st, 2016 at 2:00am

College is all about showing off your best style, especially on the weekend. During the week everyone is tired and not in the mood to change out of pajamas for their 8 am class, and due to this personal style is hidden. While everyone does love a comfy pair of flannel pants, when the weekend rolls around students start to shed a layer (literally and figuratively) to pull out their favorite weekend attire. Whether you are heading to a day party hosted by your favorite organization or attending the tailgate before the big game, you can choose to dress it up or play it cool. The choice between jeans and dresses in fall is a big one, but this Fashionista shows us how to style a fall dress just right.

This Fashionista understands how to tackle the cooler weather while remaining feminine and fashionable. In 60-70 degrees you never know if a jacket is appropriate, but this lace sleeve dark blue dress provides coverage for the arms, which adds a little extra warmth and breathability, while also sticking to fall trends. Lace is very popular in the fall whether it be found on dresses, sweaters, cardigans, etc. It adds texture and flare to the usually dull sweater and jeans combination that is typically seen. It also provides breathability which is essential as well since the temperature can change rapidly from morning to afternoon.

The deep colors of dark blue and dark gray paired with the cool creme and blue necklace mirror the deep warmth of the fall afternoon as well as the cool mornings. Since this Fashionista went simple with the dark blue dress, she was able to pull out a stunning pair of dark gray booties and still remain casual in her look. Although her pairing of the long beaded necklace and string earrings add a personal elegant touch, the muted colors were not overbearing. Her choice of simplicity in rings also promotes her laid back, yet dressed up look.

Fall is not all about jeans and sweaters. Next time you go out in the fall, take advice from this Fashionista and ditch the boring, and try switching out jeans for a simple dress. This can take your style from ordinary to extraordinary.